Unearthly Yarns

Published my first novel, Unearthly Yarns, almost two weeks ago. I am more than happy with the reception I have received for a first time, self-published author. Thank you to all who have purchased my book!

Here is the blurb:

Unearthly Yarns is a compilation of three short stories: Spectral, Wraith, and Prescient. All three are written in the first person perspective and have elements of romance and the supernatural. Spectral is about Akira and Chase, who share a common secret, that people don’t really want to know about. Through the course of the short story, they must find the murderer of a young man. Wraith is about Rayne, a young woman that must find the murderer of a man who died, and in so doing, she finds more than she bargained for. Prescient follows Alyra, a young woman who uses her gift to save people who are in imminent danger.

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