Ghosts, Vampires, oh my!

Ghosts have always been in my life, from my gram, aunt, dad, and my own experiences.  First and foremost, I lived in New Hampshire during my formative years.  NH is one of the most haunted places in America, at least to those who live there and to me.  I have been to Europe and though it reminded me of NH, I just never found that the spooky atmosphere was there.  Europe was old, beautiful, and holds plenty of history, but holds nowhere near the atmosphere of NH.  When my hubby and I came back to New Mexico, my sister invited me to NH, just this past year.  And let me tell you, after being in Europe, NH is still the spookiest place I have been.  So, in all, my life has always had ghosts in it.

Vampires are a different story, and one day I’ll publish my vampire novels.  Vampires are fascinating, obviously or books/movies wouldn’t sell well.  I got into the whole vampire thing when my dad took me to a used bookstore when I first arrived in NH in my early teen years.  I loved the fact that vampires were powerful and timeless.  And then I made up my own take on an old concept, but that’s what I adore about the vampire sub-genre, the ability to change things you don’t necessarily like about certain vampire “norms”.  One day, we’ll all know what I had in my head about those alluring (and sometimes not so alluring) creatures.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Next time on what makes Rickianne tick will be how boring an author’s life can be…just kidding.  Actually, I may write about what genres I write in. Not like you can’t guess, considering the two paragraphs above, or if you’ve read Unearthly Yarns. 😉


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