What genres I write in and then some…

First, I write fiction, and only fiction.  What can I say, I’m lazy.  I don’t want to do a million hours of research on a subject that may or may not interest me a day, month, or year from now.

Honestly, though, I’m not lazy when it comes to my writing.  I spend upwards of twelve hours writing on my computer, getting out what my characters want me to say, to tell their story.  And then I edit, and edit, and edit some more before putting it away for days or months, and then I edit that bad boy again.  I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, and I feel that it’s a disservice to my characters and readers, both, to have an ill edited story.  I’ve learned over seven years what it takes to be an author, and I have to say, I was surprised at just how much work goes into a novel before it’s ever published.  But I love it, or I wouldn’t continue writing and striving to be an author.

Now that I’ve mumbled about being an author, and what a damn perfectionist I am, let’s go forward, shall we?  Because I could go on and on about writing and what I do to make things just right.

The genres I write are Romance, Urban Fantasy, Alternative Lifestyle, and Erotica.  Those four genres are almost always mixed into my novels.  Take, for instance, my novella, the one I’m getting ready to put out in a month or so, when I figure out what the actual (non-working) title will be, and the cover.  That novella has elements of romance, urban fantasy (vampire), and alt life combined.  I love merging genres, mostly because no one book is just one genre, no matter how much anyone wants to say.  Even Harlequin romance has elements of mystery or action/adventure.  And yes, I’ve read the slim Harlequin romance books, which I like in small doses.

I write in the first person perspective, mostly because I really like getting into the head of one primary character.  I also really like reading from authors who write in FP, mostly because it allows me to “be” that person while I’m in the story, not to say I can’t “be” that person when I’m reading third person, but that’s more like I’m an observer, not an actual “character” in the book.

Okay, so that’s my genres and then some.  Hopefully I’ll have news about my next book, a medium length novella (about the same length as Unearthly Yarns), sometime in the near future (and by that I mean, probably a month or two).  The next installment of what makes Rickianne tick will be…drum roll please…characters in my head.


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