Halloween…or not

This post really should be how much I like Halloween…but it isn’t the holiday I enjoy.  Yeah, okay, there’s candy and “spooky” costumes, and all the other stuff that goes with the holiday.  What I most enjoy is Autumn, when the air turns cooler, the leaves start to show their true colors, the scent of wood burning in stoves to keep houses comfortable, and the expectation that’s ingrained in my bones. As I’ve mentioned before, I lived in NH, a state I still believe is the most haunted in the nation. Granted, there are places, a small town or whatever, that’s supposedly haunted.  The whole state of NH is haunted, or that’s my opinion anyway.  Being that I grew up in my formative years there, my bones can feel the expectation in the air, even now, even living in NM, when the air starts to cool and my imagination takes on ghosts and things that go bump in the night.  I adore that feeling, like a ghost is going to pop out of nowhere and surprise me. Anyway, that’s my take on Halloween and Autumn.  If you feel so inclined, check out Unearthly Yarns, it’s filled with ghosts.



Alternative Folk music…easy listening

Here is my good friend’s Indie CD, Snowgirl. It is Alternative Folk music. If you have a few minutes to sample the music, please do so. Here are the links: (each link allows you to either purchase and sample, or just sample)

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Where in the world…

My worlds are set in today’s day and age.  Since I write Urban Fantasy, I write in the world we live in now.  The major change for me is that I never write about a real place, I may base that town on a real place, but the name is never someplace people will know.  I make up my own town names, it’s just easier that way, for me.

In Unearthly Yarns, I don’t really ever say the name of the town, but each is based off of a place in my head, a mix of many different places I have been and rolled into a township of my imagination.

All of my novels are set in New Hampshire, a state I absolutely adore, and not just for the supernatural elements so prevalent there.  I base my townships on several of the places I have lived/visited in that great state, and then mix them all together.  Sometimes I move my characters to other locations that I’ve been to, and then mix those as well to make a unique place for my characters to play.  I always create the newest town, and make sure it’s not a real place in NH.  Just a quirk of mine. 😉

Next time: intricacies of characters and how to keep the details…or my version, and what I learned.

Pesky Characters

Ah, characters.  I have a whole lot of characters in my head, and not all are in the same world.  Some characters are loud, I mean chattering nonstop, and demanding to tell their tale, while others are meek and afraid to come out into the light.

It’s the hardest when I’m involved with one world and another creeps in.  I start “channeling” the other character, the one from the other world, and realize ten, twenty, sometimes a hundred, pages later, and have to remove a novella length part of one novel in order to get back on track.  That’s happened before, and boy, was I ticked.  I had spent almost a week writing a hundred pages, and bam!, I realized that the characters were merging and going the wrong way.  Now I try to catch it before that happens, but it still does, mostly because it’s a subtle shift in thinking.

I have a whole world set aside that I won’t touch because it’s more intricate than I have the patience for, though one day I hope to actually write their stories, but that will be well after I complete the current stories I have in my head, and only because the primary character is the loudest.

Next time on…well, you know…will be about where and why chose that place.