Pesky Characters

Ah, characters.  I have a whole lot of characters in my head, and not all are in the same world.  Some characters are loud, I mean chattering nonstop, and demanding to tell their tale, while others are meek and afraid to come out into the light.

It’s the hardest when I’m involved with one world and another creeps in.  I start “channeling” the other character, the one from the other world, and realize ten, twenty, sometimes a hundred, pages later, and have to remove a novella length part of one novel in order to get back on track.  That’s happened before, and boy, was I ticked.  I had spent almost a week writing a hundred pages, and bam!, I realized that the characters were merging and going the wrong way.  Now I try to catch it before that happens, but it still does, mostly because it’s a subtle shift in thinking.

I have a whole world set aside that I won’t touch because it’s more intricate than I have the patience for, though one day I hope to actually write their stories, but that will be well after I complete the current stories I have in my head, and only because the primary character is the loudest.

Next time on…well, you know…will be about where and why chose that place.


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