Where in the world…

My worlds are set in today’s day and age.  Since I write Urban Fantasy, I write in the world we live in now.  The major change for me is that I never write about a real place, I may base that town on a real place, but the name is never someplace people will know.  I make up my own town names, it’s just easier that way, for me.

In Unearthly Yarns, I don’t really ever say the name of the town, but each is based off of a place in my head, a mix of many different places I have been and rolled into a township of my imagination.

All of my novels are set in New Hampshire, a state I absolutely adore, and not just for the supernatural elements so prevalent there.  I base my townships on several of the places I have lived/visited in that great state, and then mix them all together.  Sometimes I move my characters to other locations that I’ve been to, and then mix those as well to make a unique place for my characters to play.  I always create the newest town, and make sure it’s not a real place in NH.  Just a quirk of mine. 😉

Next time: intricacies of characters and how to keep the details…or my version, and what I learned.


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