Halloween…or not

This post really should be how much I like Halloween…but it isn’t the holiday I enjoy.  Yeah, okay, there’s candy and “spooky” costumes, and all the other stuff that goes with the holiday.  What I most enjoy is Autumn, when the air turns cooler, the leaves start to show their true colors, the scent of wood burning in stoves to keep houses comfortable, and the expectation that’s ingrained in my bones. As I’ve mentioned before, I lived in NH, a state I still believe is the most haunted in the nation. Granted, there are places, a small town or whatever, that’s supposedly haunted.  The whole state of NH is haunted, or that’s my opinion anyway.  Being that I grew up in my formative years there, my bones can feel the expectation in the air, even now, even living in NM, when the air starts to cool and my imagination takes on ghosts and things that go bump in the night.  I adore that feeling, like a ghost is going to pop out of nowhere and surprise me. Anyway, that’s my take on Halloween and Autumn.  If you feel so inclined, check out Unearthly Yarns, it’s filled with ghosts.



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