First Full Length Novel Release

I am excited to announce that I have finally gotten the nerve to release my first full length novel, Betrayed. It is the first in my Annika Pierce series. It is approximately 348 pages, 141,000 words, or 9600 locations on Kindle. You can purchase Betrayed on, or its country specific .com(s), for $2.99, or local currency price on Amazon.(country).

I sure hope you enjoy reading Betrayed. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel.

Below is the blurb and link to to view, read the excerpt, or purchase.


Back Cover:

Annika Pierce’s twenty-ninth birthday is tomorrow, and all she wishes for is her imaginary man.  But wishes don’t come true, not for her, not for normal, everyday people.

That is, until the night of her birthday.  Her imaginary man is real, and he’s not what she expects.  Boston is a centuries’ old vampire with a curious past.

Through him, Annika is drawn into the world of vampires, and too many complications to count.

Kat LaMond is queen for all U.S. vampires with four kings and a whole host of alluring men at her fingertips.

However, not long after being introduced, Annika realizes that not everything is as perfect as she had first thought, and scratching lightly at the surface shows far more serious problems than she had anticipated.

Annika’s life may have changed overnight, but it will take every ounce of her abilities to believe in the unthinkable to keep her sane.



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