New book

Hello! I recently released my second full length novel, Deceptive Changes. 

Back cover


Kat LaMond has had a time of it, ever since removing the king of all vampires, Antreas, a few months ago.  Not only is she back with her ex-husband, Todd Jenkins, but she has Trace, a private investigator, and Erick, a man she raised, living with her.

Days after giving Todd the deceased king’s power, she’s taken hostage by a couple of vampires, and ransomed for Todd’s position as king for all US vampires.  Of course, making it out alive comes at a cost, and with that, comes responsibilities.  She becomes enforcer to Todd’s king, and though she’s reluctant, she agrees that it’s for the best.

Kat becomes the target for every vampire that’s out to prove something, or remove Todd from power.  Little do they know, every time she’s captured or attacked, she ends up driving deeper into the world of vampires and protecting those she loves, even though the cost is steep.

The changes that occur are not always what they appear to be.  Can Kat keep her people safe?  Will the changes be too much for her to handle?


At this time, it’s only on Amazon Kindle, with a possible future dead tree version later on.

Here is the link to purchase Deceptive Changes:


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