Hello! Well, it’s been for-freakin’-ever since I posted on here. Been busy with other crap, apparently.

Here’s the latest:

Published Ciera (A mercenary/vampire tale) on Kindle like a month ago.


Back cover:

Ciera Devlin is a damn good mercenary, but she took an abnormal job. Her objective is to seduce Cristóbal Carter, billionaire playboy, who takes home wait-staff for one night of debauchery—one night only.
For years, she has been in a form of love with him, and took the job because she couldn’t stand the thought of someone else getting anywhere near him. Three weeks of waitressing at Candy’s Eat-in Diner, she finally gets the opportunity to seduce the target.
Seducing a man like Cristóbal Carter is far easier than it should be, and is the number one reason she doesn’t “seduce” him at all. Not only does it work wonderfully, but going home with him ends up with surprises of its own.
Not even a few hours after finding out that myth, in the form of vampires, is real, she is thrust into a situation she’s little prepared for. Along the way, she finds her best friend is not dead after all, realizes that life is far more interesting than she had ever given it credit, and takes on one last mission with her not-so-dead best friend.
Will her final mission end in disaster? Will she ever find that happy ever after? Or will this all be for naught?


This baby is going for $1.99 on Kindle, or Free on KU, roughly 150 pages.

L8r, peeps!


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