I finished Acceptance!! When is the next book going to be out?

Oh, boy. Well, that’s a bit difficult to answer.

Here’s what I do have:

A general outline in my head. This next book is going to deal with dark stuff, and is different from the previous two novels.

A title. The title gives a lead into the darkness she’s going to confront and encounter.

The cover. It’s a gorgeous cover and all done.

Here’s what I don’t have:

The story. I’ve written this story ten times, deleted it just as many times. Why, you may ask? It’s extremely dark and touches on real darkness in this world. I’m undecided on which way to go, as I can go two ways. But it really doesn’t matter. Both lead to the same outcome. Darkness. I’ve written the dark before, and it has always left a mark on me, on my mind, and my soul. Yes, I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. In research alone, it’s troubling, but to see it, feel it, and hear it, in my head, somehow seems even worse. I should explain. Research, to me, is removed. It’s there to further something I don’t know anything about. The writing is where it takes on life, and indelibly alters me, as I am the characters that are suffering through whatever situation I’ve put them in.

When do I anticipate the next novel release?

If everything aligns (the stars, moon, Earth, Mars…) perfectly, I should be looking at a May, 2016 release. It may be earlier or later. I’ll keep you all informed.


When is Kat’s next book going to be out?

This one is not going to be easy to answer. I’ve thought about it, and thought about it. I will edit it, I will make up a cover for it, but I’m not even sure I’ll release it.

Deceptive is not doing well. Maybe it’s the title, maybe it’s the cover, or maybe it’s the book. I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s not doing so well, and I may pull it completely.

That means the outlook for Kat’s novels may be on hold until I can figure a way to promote her story properly. For now, Deceptive will stay on Kindle while I look at a way to overhaul it, once again, and do up a better cover and blurb for the book.

Acceptance is Live


Annika’s second book, Acceptance, has gone live on Kindle. *jumping up and down*


Here is the back cover:

Several months after the Paris incident, Annika is confronted with a decision. Does she allow those that betrayed her back into her life? Or does she keep them away?

The decision is taken from her by her love for Boston, and his desire to have Wynter back in his life. It’s the best decision she ever made.

But things are changing now that she’s accepted them back into her life, and with those changes, her world turns upside down and spins out of control. With those changes brings new people into her life, and the lives of those she holds dear. Will those changes be worth it? In the end, they should be, but only time will tell.

Can she accept the changes? Can she accept a world that has been turned upside down and flipped sideways? Or will it be far too much for her to handle?

Approximately 205,000 words.

Right now, it is $2.99. On December 4, 2015, this epic length tome will go up to $4.99.

Buy Link: