Author Page

I hadn’t realized, and this is my bust, that I had to set up author pages for all appropriate, and available, author pages on Amazon. I have no idea why I hadn’t thought to set up the pages in the beginning, and the only excuse I can come up with is that I didn’t know, and I was so focused on US sales that I completely forgot about other countries that may be interested in my books. Face-palm.

I now have an author page set up, which features my books, and a bit about myself. I’ll work on making it more unique than it is, but for now, it’s just standard, and hopefully it will allow an insight into who I am. Maybe.

On a different note, but on the same page, I realized that Betrayed had a review!!! It was back in May but that just means I was remiss in not saying thank you to KL for taking the time out of her busy day to write a couple sentences. It is truly appreciated.

That little bit has a huge impact, and is probably why I do better in the UK than in the US right now. So, if you’ve ever thought a short one or two sentence review has little impact, I can tell you it has a huge impact on whether or not the book will get any amount of notice by other readers. Obviously, more reviews means more notice, but I’m just grateful I have one review! 🙂



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