Tentative releases

So, over the last year, I have released 5 novels. Woot. Okay, I can’t get all that excited about it considering the fact that Annika 3 is still a work in progress. I’ve thought about writing a few short stories and publish those in another compilation format, which will work, but again, I have to write those.

One thing I did notice since I’ve started publishing my full length novels, and that’s the new schedule. The last three novels I published were about 3 months apart. I like that schedule, as it allows me to release four books a year. However, if Annika 3 won’t work out, the time between publishing will lengthen to just two books a year. Why? Because I only have Kat finished, up to the tenth book.


My tentative–probably never going to hold to it–schedule this year will be:

Kat 4-this will happen this year (TBA)

Short story compilation

Annika 3


Annika 4-possible


I’ll keep you updated on the actual release dates, how long until Annika 3, and all other writing things. 🙂


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