Annika 3 update

Whew! Done. Book 3 is finally, freakin’ finished. For the longest time I had contemplated just killing her off, mostly to be done with the story, but I realized, in the twenty (slight exaggeration) or so half-started books, I ended up knowing a lot about characters I didn’t know anything about. But, I finally got this book done. Unfortunately, it has ended up being a two-part book. I’m in the process of writing Book 4 right now, but I have no idea if this is going to be easy, or difficult like 3. I have a plan of publishing both within days of each other, once 4 is complete, but that’s months away, unless this ends up being easy-peasy, and I doubt that very much.  Annika is the second hardest book series I’ve attempted to write, mostly because there are so many moving pieces.

Now, on that happy-dappy note, I will probably release an unpublished short story before I publish 3 and 4. It is a short story, simply titled, that expands on the story of a few characters that were mentioned mostly in passing in Acceptance. Then I have another short story to complete, also simply titled, that expands on a set of characters introduced in 3, but that won’t be published until after the third book is out in the public eye.

Here’s the schedule, without dates:

Short story (approx. 40,000 words)

Annika Book 3 (116,000 words) <–shortest I’ve ever written for a full length novel

Short story (approx. 40,000 words)

Annika Book 4 (have no idea)

Kat Book 3 (maybe)

And if I can keep to that, I’ll probably be golden, but who knows what the heck is going to happen.

Cripes. I have a lot of writing to do and not enough time in the day. Kinda wish I could stay awake like the vampires. It would be so much easier.

Okay, so that’s the end of the update post in more depth.


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