Embraced, Part 2 update

Done. I have finished writing it. That’s the good news. Now I’m going to let it sit and rest before editing the heck out of it.

I am, however, not going to sit idle. I’m going to start on her alternate realities book, but I can’t give too much away or it’ll ruin my alt realities surprise in Embraced, Part 2.

I have the book cover done, for now. I may tweak it a little before calling it complete, but so far so good. Changed the heck out of it before I settled on something that drew the eye and intrigued me.

I plan on writing a fifth book in her regular, non-alt reality, but that will take time, and an idea. She’s circumspect on what she wants me to write about next, except for the alt book.

That’s all the updating I have right now. I’ll post when Embraced, Part 2 is released.


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