Oh, boy, do I have a bunch of updates for you!

First, Anya (An Annika Pierce World Novel) will be released on 4/30/17, though it is still available for pre-order for $1.99; the price won’t change once it’s released.


It started with a dream. I know, how cliché, right? But, it really did start with a dream.

My name is Anya Holloway, and though I have visited Kat LaMond and Annika Pierce, this is my beginning. I met Aedan in a dream, an extremely vivid and sensual dream, one I never wanted to end, but alas, all dreams must come to an end.

My dream might have come to an end, but it was just the beginning of a life full of everything I never knew I wanted, with the added benefits of a beautiful, handsome, sexy, and sensual, vampire, and a boyfriend that I thought needed someone else.

This is my story, before I ever knew about vampires, Kat LaMond, or Annika Pierce.

And the pretty cover:

Anya cover1.2.7

Buy link:


Second, and this is the big one. I’ve been stalled on Annika’s fifth novel. I just have no idea where the heck to go with her story right now, so I’m taking the time to revise every single one of my released novels. I’ve caught a bunch of editing errors, and plot inconsistencies. Once I finish with the edits for all of them, I will do a bulk re-release. If you’ve purchased before, don’t worry, it will either automatically download or there will be an update available in your book account. Included in the re-release will be a brand new cover for each book, and a revised blurb (back cover).

Third, as part of the editing I’m now caught up in, I’ve pushed back Annika’s fourth book, Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 2, so I can ensure that that book is edited and any inconsistencies are caught before release. Right now, it is set for July, but I’m hoping to pull that release closer to end of May or early June, if I can get all of my editing done. 😉

End of update wrap-up: Once all of the edits are done, and I’m ready to do my bulk re-release, I will give all of you an exclusive peek at the new covers and blurbs, so stay tuned.


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