A missed cover, and revamped blurbs

Are you ready for this?! ‘Cause I am. 🙂

Here is the cover I missed in my reveal. Unearthly Yarns, on Amazon for $1.99, or free on KU.

Unearthly yarns

Here are the blurbs (back cover) for all of my recently revamped books:

Unearthly Yarns:

Unearthly Yarns is a three-story compilation, full ghosts and romance. This is the 2nd edition, having been revamped from 2013, with minimal changes and a new cover.
Story 1—Akira:
Akira, a ghost seer, shares that gift with Chase, her best guy friend. Through divine intervention, they pair up, and ghost bust together.

“I was murdered. My throat was slashed. August ninth was my birthday. I was murdered,” he repeated, stating the same thing over and over again. His hands hung limply at his side, his whole body went slack, and his milky gaze landed on me again. “I was murdered. I don’t know anything else. August ninth was my birthday. You can see me. Will you help me? I need to find my murderer.” It was all broken record stuff. Chase and I had been dealing with this our whole lives but fuckall if it wasn’t freaky. –Akira
My name is Akira, and with my best friend turned lover, Chase, we hunt down murderers, going off the ghost that comes for our aid. In this case, a young man, recently killed, asks for our help. We involve one of our cop friends, and things, like usual don’t go as planned.
Story 2—Rayne:
Rayne can see ghosts, and sometimes those ghosts involve her in solving their gruesome deaths. Not always are they perpetrated by the living, and not always are they human in any form.

I stepped closer, and right as I came up to them I saw her reach into his chest and felt the twist. My jaw dropped in shock. He clutched at his chest but couldn’t do anything about it. Once the damage was done, he stumbled into a hallway that splintered off the balcony, clutching his chest. He fell to the floor. I turned back to the woman, who was no longer a woman. —Rayne
My name is Rayne, and it’s now my reluctant job to find the killer of one Michael Stallen, pronounced Stay-Len, for whatever that’s worth. Of course, he’s no help, and his wife just wants the events to be buried under the rug of time, which means little help from her, and that meant only one thing, I had to do what I hated doing, and that was visit the scene of the crime.
Story 3—Alyra:
Alyra has a gift, the ability to see the future of a specific victim. To add to the crappy day she’s having, her best guy friend, Blake, is getting married, which makes her question whether or not she really wants to live past that moment.

I had seen enough: two goons and a whole lot of firepower. We were going to have to take them by surprise and quickly. I didn’t want anyone else showing up and adding to the problem. We needed to get Tara out alive and sent on her way. –Alyra
My name is Alyra, and my best guy friend, Blake, the bastard, is set to marry the woman of his dreams, whoever the hell that is. I will be there, even if it hurts to know that he’s marrying some chick I’d never heard of, or met, before.
As soon as I get back to NH, I’m assaulted by another vision, this one deadlier because I’d yet to fully heal, or partially heal, for that matter, and I have to take Blake with me. I fear we might not survive, or I will, and have to see him die. That was not a heartwarming thought, but I didn’t have anyone else that I trusted enough to take with me for this mission.


Annika Pierce’s twenty-ninth birthday is coming up and the whole world changes that day.

My name is Annika Pierce, and my birthday was as dull as I hoped it would be, until I went home that night. I was met by Boston, a supposed vampire, who, in reality, turns out to be a freakin’ vampire. I didn’t even know mythical creatures like vampires existed. Yeah, sure, I wrote about them, and made a good living doing it, but come on, vampires? Well, they exist, and meeting Boston, who reminds me of the man I keep writing about in my novels, changed my whole world view. Over a few whirlwind days, I meet Kat, who’s the queen of all US vampires. I’m drawn into their world, and it’s one effed up world to be pulled into.

Kat’s mission, one that brings immense danger to my life and the world I live in, is to take out Tribunal, the ruling body for all vampires. While she focuses on that, I have the unlucky job of dealing with the fallout from her continual, divergent focus. Her lovers are weak because of her wishy-washy ways, and it’s my job to put some backbone back into them. Lucky me.

Here is my beginning. 141,000 words to explain how I got drawn into a messy world, one that desperately needed direction. Why I was chosen, I have no idea, but I wasn’t about to step away when people needed my help. Okay, okay, I wasn’t doing it for altruistic reasons, but it certainly let me live out a real-life want, to hang with the vampires. What could possibly go wrong?


After the Paris incident, Annika and Boston went back to New Hampshire, without Kat’s men in tow. Several months later, she’s faced with a hard decision.

My name is Annika Pierce, and though I’m not exactly special—I’m not vampire, or hybrid, or necromancer, or even witch—but I am me, and I had to make a decision not a few months after leaving Paris in tears.
I chose to let Kat’s men back into our lives, on a trial basis, which is thrown askew when I nearly die. How effed up is that? I finally get everyone back and I’m almost killed off before my life can really begin.

A new skill, or gift, emerges, bringing me in direct line with Kat’s, which, let me tell you, wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, but I did learn that she was a far better queen than I had expected her to be. She truly did care about her people, and that brought her up a little, a smidge, in my eyes.

There are seven parts to this chapter in my life, roughly 200,000 words are used to describe what happened after Paris, what happened when I almost died, and how I got a gift, one that changed the scope of life for me and those around me.

Ciera (An Annika Pierce World Novel):

Ciera is a mercenary, and has been for five years. The one thing she never got over was her secret crush on Cristóbal Carter.

My name is Ciera, and I’m a freakin’ mercenary. So, I take a job, one that intrigues me, one that touches so close to my inner thoughts, that I’m not sure if I can complete it.
That’s not even the craziest thing that happens to me. Mission complete, I’m drawn into a world that I never knew existed, one with vampires, if you can believe that. Hell, I had a hard time believing in it at first, but now that I know they’re real, it’s my job to take care of one very alluring vampire.
Nothing ever turns out the way it should, and Sable gets his pretty self captured by Parker, his sire. Go figure, right? That’s not even the biggest shock.

My story, 36,000 words of it, starts with me doing my job, one I was contracted to carry out, and one I fulfilled. Now, I have to get Cristóbal’s lover back, and see about making life work out the way it’s supposed to, whatever the heck that means.

Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 1:

Contrary to everything Annika believed, she was not born thirty years ago, but born in 1910, and is one hundred and five years old.

My name is Annika Pierce, and I finally know who I am now.  I guess that explains how I could be so comfortable with knowing that vampires exist, and easily accept having so many men at my fingertips.

I am an operative in my sire’s agency and have been for the last eighty years. I am keeper of vampires, queen to all vampires, even though my cousin, Kat, is the face of royalty where it concerns my people. I am a hybrid, I am lover to many, many men, and I have three that I hold inside my soul. I did all this for a young boy, one that would have been targeted by Tribunal if they ever caught wind of who he was, and don’t regret my decision for an instant.

With my memories returned, I have a lot of people that need to be back under my roof, and hopefully back in my bed, if they can forgive me for my abrupt decision to save a small boy from death, or worse. Not all will understand, because in a lot of cases, I was an operative first and a lover second, but I can only hope they will forgive me.

Not all of this is about my lovers but my status as an agent. I may be semi-retired but I have missions to complete, least of which is destroying an evil vampire and removing her stranglehold on Hunters. She’s not my only mission, of course, because missions crop up often in my world. Good thing I’m surrounded by the best agents in the world because I’m going to need their help if I want to complete my missions.

Approximately 120,000 words.

Anya (An Annika World Novel):

It started with a dream. I know, how cliché, right? But, it really did start with a dream.

My name is Anya Holloway, and though I have visited Kat LaMond and Annika Pierce, this is my beginning. I met Aedan in a dream, an extremely vivid and sensual dream, one I never wanted to end, but alas, all dreams must come to an end.

My dream might have come to an end, but it was just the beginning of a life full of everything I never knew I wanted, with the added benefits of a beautiful, handsome, sexy, and sensual, vampire, and a boyfriend that I thought needed someone else.

This is my story, before I ever knew about vampires, Kat LaMond, or Annika Pierce.

Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 2: (on pre-order for $2.99, will be released 6/25/17)

“I stepped outside and into another world altogether. How the f*ck did that happen? I should have walked out onto the porch of my palace home in Primrose, but instead, I was on the porch of my palace estate in Crimson River. Why here? How? A strangled sound left my throat at what this could mean. I didn’t want to think of why I was here, only of how to get back.” –Embraced, Part 2, Annika Pierce Book 4.

My name is Annika Pierce, I’m over a hundred years old, and queen to all vampires, Others, and Hunters. That sounds just like the perfect introduction, but that’s all it is. My story so far has been complex, and has led to many a deception, even though it was all for a good reason. Or so I thought. It was never a good reason, and in this installment, I find out why things happened the way they did.
In the beginning, I am thrust into a nightmare that I’d only once had the displeasure of encountering, and it doesn’t get much better from there, though I am reunited with an old friend and lover from a past that holds no meaning any longer. Well, there is meaning to it, but it’s back when most people nowadays don’t even remember, outside of history books or movie adaptations.
Over the course of months, I find out why I lost my memories, who my real sire is, and face a new enemy.
Will I be able to forgive my real sire for doing what he did? Will I finally be able to forgive myself for losing my way, if only briefly? Will we survive the encounter with this new and formidable enemy? I certainly hope so.


I hope you enjoyed these new blurbs, and the brand new cover for Unearthly Yarns!


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