Annika Pierce

Who is Annika Pierce?

She’s portrayed as an ordinary human being, who writes for a living, and is thrust into an impossible situation.

How did she come about?

In 2012, Kat stopped talking, and that paved the way for Annika to step onto the stage.

How many books will Annika have?

I’m not sure yet. Right now, there will be three books, with the possibility of more.

Why isn’t there as much smexy stuff in her series?

Annika doesn’t like having the smexy stuff on stage, mostly because she believes it’s personal.

Will there be more smexy stuff as time goes on?

Possibly. She doesn’t mind some on screen smexy stuff, but for the most part, she wants her book to be focused on the story, not the smex.


If you’d like to know more about her, ask on this thread and I’ll try to answer as much as possible.


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