General Questions

This is an area where I will answer questions about my books, future plans, etc.

Did you ever think of writing poly?

Not really, no. I just knew that Kat needed people, and it just so happened that men flocked to her, or me rather.

To be honest, I never even knew it had a name until 2013. Then I had to research it. But poly is different from what I write, I guess. It’s a mix of couples intertwined in each other’s lives that love each other. I suppose mine could be considered poly, but it’s a little different.  They do love each other, which is evident by their actions, but they came together because of something you’ll find out in Annika 3.

Why have so many men?

Who wouldn’t want that many men at your fingertips, all adoring you?  To be honest, they just kept coming, so I wrote them in. Then I sort of fell in love with them, so I just couldn’t kill them off.

Have you thought about killing them off?

Yes.  But then they’d say or do something that would win me over, and I’d divert from killing them off.

Have you thought about killing the series?

Just about every day, yes. I love the characters, I love them dearly, but it’s been a difficult road lately with Annika 3, and I’m not so sure I want to write anything more on them. Then I start writing and I fall in love with them all over again. So, I’ll keep writing until the day they stop talking to me, I’m dead, or there is no other way to end the series but kill them all off.

Do you plan on writing anything more? Or are you just going to focus on Kat and Annika’s series? If you plan on writing other stories, which genres?

I plan on writing many things in the years to come. I have several ideas percolating in the back of my brain, but my primary focus is Annika right now. I would probably going into zombies, maybe even wereanimals, and faeries.

Zombies? Wereanimals? Faeries?

Oh, yes, I think all of those creatures are pretty awesome. Except the zombies, those stink. 😉

That ends the interview for now.

If you would like to ask Ricki anything, ask in the comment.


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