Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 1

Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 1

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Contrary to everything Annika believed, she was not born thirty years ago, but born in 1910, and is one hundred and five years old.

My name is Annika Pierce, and I finally know who I am now.  I guess that explains how I could be so comfortable with knowing that vampires exist, and easily accept having so many men at my fingertips.

I am an operative in my sire’s agency and have been for the last eighty years. I am keeper of vampires, queen to all vampires, even though my cousin, Kat, is the face of royalty where it concerns my people. I am a hybrid, I am lover to many, many men, and I have three that I hold inside my soul. I did all this for a young boy, one that would have been targeted by Tribunal if they ever caught wind of who he was, and don’t regret my decision for an instant.

With my memories returned, I have a lot of people that need to be back under my roof, and hopefully back in my bed, if they can forgive me for my abrupt decision to save a small boy from death, or worse. Not all will understand, because in a lot of cases, I was an operative first and a lover second, but I can only hope they will forgive me.

Not all of this is about my lovers but my status as an agent. I may be semi-retired but I have missions to complete, least of which is destroying an evil vampire and removing her stranglehold on Hunters. She’s not my only mission, of course, because missions crop up often in my world. Good thing I’m surrounded by the best agents in the world because I’m going to need their help if I want to complete my missions.

Approximately 120,000 words.


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