Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 2

Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 2

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“I stepped outside and into another world altogether. How the f*ck did that happen? I should have walked out onto the porch of my palace home in Primrose, but instead, I was on the porch of my palace estate in Crimson River. Why here? How? A strangled sound left my throat at what this could mean. I didn’t want to think of why I was here, only of how to get back.” –Embraced, Part 2, Annika Pierce Book 4.

My name is Annika Pierce, I’m over a hundred years old, and queen to all vampires, Others, and Hunters. That sounds just like the perfect introduction, but that’s all it is. My story so far has been complex, and has led to many a deception, even though it was all for a good reason. Or so I thought. It was never a good reason, and in this installment, I find out why things happened the way they did.
In the beginning, I am thrust into a nightmare that I’d only once had the displeasure of encountering, and it doesn’t get much better from there, though I am reunited with an old friend and lover from a past that holds no meaning any longer. Well, there is meaning to it, but it’s back when most people nowadays don’t even remember, outside of history books or movie adaptations.
Over the course of months, I find out why I lost my memories, who my real sire is, and face a new enemy.
Will I be able to forgive my real sire for doing what he did? Will I finally be able to forgive myself for losing my way, if only briefly? Will we survive the encounter with this new and formidable enemy? I certainly hope so.

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