Anya (An Annika Pierce World Novel) Book 2

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It started with a dream. I know, how cliché, right? But, it really did start with a dream.

My name is Anya Holloway, and though I have visited Kat LaMond and Annika Pierce, this is my beginning. I met Aedan in a dream, an extremely vivid and sensual dream, one I never wanted to end, but alas, all dreams must come to an end.

My dream might have come to an end, but it was just the beginning of a life full of everything I never knew I wanted, with the added benefits of a beautiful, handsome, sexy, and sensual, vampire, and a boyfriend that I thought needed someone else.

This is my story, before I ever knew about vampires, Kat LaMond, or Annika Pierce.

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