Ciera (A mercenary/vampire tale)

Ciera (A mercenary/vampire tale)

Ciera cover1.15

Back Cover:

Ciera is a mercenary, and has been for five years. The one thing she never got over was her secret crush on Cristóbal Carter.

My name is Ciera, and I’m a freakin’ mercenary. So, I take a job, one that intrigues me, one that touches so close to my inner thoughts, that I’m not sure if I can complete it.
That’s not even the craziest thing that happens to me. Mission complete, I’m drawn into a world that I never knew existed, one with vampires, if you can believe that. Hell, I had a hard time believing in it at first, but now that I know they’re real, it’s my job to take care of one very alluring vampire.
Nothing ever turns out the way it should, and Sable gets his pretty self captured by Parker, his sire. Go figure, right? That’s not even the biggest shock.

My story, 36,000 words of it, starts with me doing my job, one I was contracted to carry out, and one I fulfilled. Now, I have to get Cristóbal’s lover back, and see about making life work out the way it’s supposed to, whatever the heck that means.

Price: $1.99 on Kindle

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