Conflicted (Kat LaMond Book 2)

Conflicted 1.5

The witch did her job well, so well that when Kat wakes up in her bed alone, the only thing she remembers is her business meeting with Starla, as well as her ex-husband, Todd. The mystery unravels quickly as soon as Sven and Thorn appear, reminding her that she had far more than just work and an ex-husband. Visions of a silver-haired vampire, and others, prompts Kat to take action to save those people that had once been so dear to her, if she could only remember who they were. Getting her people back from the evil clutches of the witch that removed her memories was going to take more than she could possibly know.

Once life starts to return to normal for Kat, her natural abilities come through and vampires—good and bad—find her, thrusting her back into the norms of a life she would have preferred stay away.

When it comes to her life, business is what she knows, bad vampires can be dealt with swiftly, but the men in her life drag out the uncertainty deep inside, causing conflict in her personal life. But through it all, she knows so long as Todd is at her side, she can get through anything. Hopefully.

Approximately: 190,000 words

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