A side of het?

Some may know that my most favorite author of all time is Dean Koontz. As far as I’m concerned, he writes stellar novels.  Some aren’t nearly as great as others, but they are still mighty enjoyable. If I had the ability to pre-order his novels, I would be right there with a whole lot of other people. 🙂

My next favorite author is Janet Evanovich, author of the Stephanie Plum series. Her books are romance-mystery with a whole lot of humor.  I completely enjoy her novels, and have read her re-released strictly romance novels, and laughed with those as well.

Another of the authors I enjoy is Laurell K Hamilton, Anita Blake series and Meredith Gentry series. Even though a lot of her novels could be considered mixed lifestyle since both of her main protagonists have multiple male lovers. I definitely enjoy reading about the polyamorous lifestyle.

I think that’s why I started writing about polyamory, not strictly due to her books, but a huge contributor to the changes in my thought processes.

I suppose my next post will be a sanitized explanation of what I write…considering I have not yet published my series novels at this time, I’d rather not go into extreme detail. So, if you are interested, next time will be a little of why I write what I write…


A side of alternate please

This may come as a shock to some, but since I will be publishing my series books shortly, I wanted to get this out of the way. I enjoy reading M/M (male/male) romance. I don’t write M/M, so much as I have characters in my book that revolve around my main protagonist that are more bisexual than completely, utterly, gay.  I like bisexual men far more than strictly gay, in my writing, and mostly because it leaves them receptive to my main protagonist; and to me, is far more interesting to write.

Now onto some authors I find interesting:

Lynn Flewelling (Nightrunner series) dark, high fantasy–the best series I have ever read, and I really wish she wasn’t getting ready to end the series at book 7

Abigail Roux (Cut and Run series, any books by her, actually)

Sloan Parker (Breathe–my favorite, How to Save a Life, Take Me Home)

S.E. Culpepper (The Liaison series)

Josh Lanyon (Adrien English series, Holmes and Moriarity series, just about any of his books)

Sean Michael (Jarhead series, Tripwire, and any non-BDSM novels he has)

RJ Scott (The Heart of Texas, Back Home, Moments, One Night)

Mercy Celeste (Any–a little on the dark side though)

I have read others, spending loads of money on books that weren’t actually worth the high dollar figure I spent, some were poorly edited, and some were not at all what I had expected given the description listed on Amazon.  Those I mentioned are the ones that I look forward to reading more from.

The next installment of What I Read will be about the het side of myself

What I read, aka, what keeps me from writing

I thought I’d go away from the how-to for a little bit here, and let you, lovely reader, know what keeps me occupied when I’m having problems writing, or when I just need some downtime from writing.

First off, the books I read are not necessarily in the genre I write.  Lately, none of the books I read have been in the genre I write, mostly because I don’t particularly like reading what other people might be writing, say, about vampires or ghosts.

I read z-poc (zombie apocalypse) novels by indie (independent-Kindle/Createspace) authors.  I got into reading z-poc when I had to wait for my favorite authors to produce more books.  It’s been almost a year since I started reading the apocalyptic books, and I’ve found enormously talented authors, and more than a few favorites.  Most of the z-poc books I’ve read are series books, and actually are worth the wait for the next novel.  The authors I’ve read are:

Mark Tufo (Zombie Fallout 1-7)–Can’t wait for ZF8. Check out his other books, such as the Indian Hill series (3 books so far-can’t wait for IH4), The Spirit Clearing (standalone), and Lycan Fallout series (1 book so far-impatient for LF2)

Bryan James (LZR-1143 1-3, so far)–Waiting impatiently for the release of Book 4

Shawn Chesser (Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse Series 1-5) Awaiting Book 6–Christmas time 2013

Christian Fletcher (Left series, 1-4) Finished book 4 just days ago and already impatient for book 5

DJ Molles (The Remaining series 1-4) slightly patiently waiting for book 5, which will be published through a traditional publisher, good on Mr. Molles

James Cook (Surviving the Dead Series 1-3)

Mikhail Lerma (Z-plan series 1) Not at all patient about waiting for Book 2

J.W.Vohs (Zombie Crusade series 1-3) waiting for book 4

Phillip Tomasso (Vaccination book 1) waiting for the next book, not patiently

RJ Kennett (COR (Central Outbreak Response) book 1) can’t wait for more from the series

S. Johnathan Davis (900 Miles-not sure if this is a series or not)

J. Rudolph (Reanimates trilogy, 1-2) Impatiently awaiting book 3

There are others, but some I’d rather not mention. Some are good, but not as great as I’d imagined, and some I will not be mentioning at all due to the disappointing nature of the stories, including apparently unedited work.

On the next installment of What I Read…it will be of the more alternate side…