Updates and hints

So, there may be some concern over Embraced, Part One. To answer that concern, I’m writing this: There will be a part 2. It’s just taking forever to write.

I’m (possibly) a quarter of the way done with Part 2, but it’s like wading through molasses–agonizingly slow.

And now onto some hints. Don’t forget, you heard it here first!!

The first hint is that I’m also starting, however slowly, on an alternate realities book for Annika. This is “hinted” at in Part 2. ūüėČ

So far, I’ve written about fifteen words on it, which is absolutely nothing in the big, or little, scheme of things, but it’s a start. As per the usual with Annika’s stories, it’s slow going. However, saying that, I do plan on writing at least two novels in that alt-reality; it may even spawn more. And with alternate realities, I can go anywhere and introduce any myth (or made up myth) that comes to my mind.

I really like the freedom alternate realities provide, as it allows me to open up whole new worlds for a stable of characters that I have grown to cherish.

Also, as I’m sure you’ve seen on my Facebook page, or not, I’ve hinted at Anya’s story. That is mostly done, I’m just working on the tie-in to Annika to complete the story there, though there will be a resolution in Anya’s standalone novella. Again, they’re taking their sweet time in letting me in on the big secrets.

Okay, what next?


I plan on releasing at least one of Kat’s novels this year, though it’s going to take a bit of extra work, nothing horrible and nothing I can’t handle. Then I’ll do up a cover and blurb, and set a release date. Not sure when exactly, but sometime in late 2017.

Anything else?

Nope, that’s all I’ve got for updates and hints. For now. There may be more in the future…



Hello! I wanted to give you an update on what to expect from now until end of year 2015.

First, I plan on releasing Annika and Kat’s second books. Tentative plan is October and November, respectively.

Now, if I can hold to that, this would be a great plan. ūüôā

Second, I’m going to try and keep my FB page updated.

Again, if I can hold to this, that would be fricken wonderful.

Third, I plan on finishing the third book in Annika’s world.

That is a big one because this freakin’ third book hates me. I’ve started it over and over and over…etc…again, and it still doesn’t like me. Don’t get me wrong, the story line is great, each and every time I write over a hundred pages, it’s wonderful. Then I have to toss it because the voice doesn’t fit Annika or the plot took a turn that doesn’t fit her world, etc.

Fourth, regroup and refocus on writing.

With the third book fighting me so much, I’ve just about given up on Annika’s world. I’m actually tired of writing about her. She’s great. Love her to pieces, but the fighting is worse than just writing crap, or having writer’s block, or whatever.

I think I’ve put her in a box, and neither of us like boxes, so that means we battle. I don’t think some things should be in there, as this third book deals with a lot of sensitive subjects, and could potentially turn off readers or get me cut from Amazon. However, the story needs to be told properly, and in order to do that, I have to write freely. And…what for it…I can’t. Well, I can, and I have, but those are trashed pages.

Fifth, open the box I put Annika in.

Now that I’ve given a small glimmer of what my plans are, and stepped off my soapbox…

Thanks for reading.

What I write…and more

I write polyamorous erotica, at least for my first series. ¬†My second series has elements of poly but no erotica (poly paranormal romance). ¬†There’s hardly any sex in it at all, actually. ¬†Allusions to–yes, some bits and pieces–yes, but nothing hardcore, nothing like my first series. ¬†One day I’ll release my first series, but I believe that my second series is better, and damned if it shouldn’t be. ¬†It’s an accumulation of seven years of writing, and perfecting that ability–hehe, yeah right. Okay, perfecting is a strong word. More like applying all that I’ve learned, from writing and reading, to my latest series.

When I first started out, I had no idea what poly was. ¬†I just knew that my lead protag was going to have a lot of men in her life, that’s about all I knew…except the plot and what it was generally about.

It all started one day when I was in Japan, working at an unfrequented frame shop (no one stopped by but maybe once or twice a day, if that–a lot of time on my hands). I had been reading a vampire series, of course, because I adore vampires, and that got me thinking of what I should try my hand at. I liked what others wrote, but I wanted something my own. Voila! I had an idea of what I wanted to write. Vampires, of course. Like that was a hard thing to come up with. Then I had a partially developed character. Then I had the plot, or at least I thought I did. It ended up that I never could finish that one damn book–still, to this day, I am unable to complete that one fricken book. ¬†However, it spawned eleven novels, all without having to write that one, because I found that it was more of a background on how she (my lead protag) came to be.

I actually wrote what I thought would be book 3 but turned out so horrible that I just couldn’t go through with it. It would have been a punishment for anyone who read it because it was so poorly written, but I learned from that. I took elements of that book, certain themes, and put it into what is now book 2 of the series. I took characters and put them into book 2, and behold, I had a fully developed book, with a lot of sex in it.

I used sex as a way to grow closer to the character(s) involved in that scene, mostly because without connection sex is just porn.

Let me go back to the tossed away book for a (really long) moment.

A little insight: I had never been able to finish a full length novel. I’d been able to complete short stories because they were short, for fuck’s sake. A full length novel required a lot of focus, and to keep the details in my head proper. I had no idea how to go about doing such a thing, so I figured I would just be some short story writer and that’s it. Until I challenged myself. I wanted to finish that damn novel, the one I still can’t complete, but I wanted to do it, for myself mainly. I put aside the first novel and tried my hand on a new one–with the same lead characters from the first (never, ever going to be completed) novel.

I finished that blasted thing, even though it took almost a month to do it. When I was finished, I called my family at their various jobs and announced in spectacular fashion that I had finally done it. When asked if I would publish it, I said (with emphasis) hell no. I think I stunned them all by saying that, mostly because I had finished a novel, and therefore it should be published. Yeah…no. I then called my hubby and let him know of my silly little accomplishment. He was encouraging and understood that this was more for me and not for readers or the “glory” of being published.

So, moving on.

I have completed, since that “silly” little accomplishment, almost fourteen full-length (140,000-200,000 words/book) novels, not including the never-see-the-light-of-day crap novel. Of those fourteen, eleven are from series one. I still have two more books, including the never-ever-ever going to be finished book 1, for series one to complete.

Series two is giving me fits now that I’m on book 3, which just so happened to be where I stalled out in series one. I wrote book 3 for series one four times before I finally “destroyed” all of what I thought it was going to be about, and then I rewrote it the way it was supposed to be. I have each of those “destroyed” files saved on a backup hard drive, but I’ll never use them because they aren’t needed. **Hopefully not needed**

My hopes for the coming year: finishing book 3 of series two, and continue with the series (fingers crossed). Also, publish the first book in series two, probably a short novella, and book two in series two. After…I have no fricken idea.

2014/2015: I’ll probably start looking at publishing book 2 of series one, if I can stomach editing the crap out of it. Book 2 is alright, but this series was my learning series.¬†It took three 146,000-210,000 word novels to figure enough out to make sentences read right, and to get editing down to a fairly easy science. If enough people are interested in how the characters in series two came to be, I will gladly publish series one.¬†

Until then…I’m just trying to get through book 3 and get ready for Christmas.

Memory, details…what now?

Wow. ¬†Details are the bane of my existence when I’m writing. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing, and don’t ever want to give it up, but details, and remembering those pesky details, is the hardest for me, especially if it is a non-essential character. ¬†I still strive to keep the details correct.

In an effort to keep the details as seamless as possible, I use Word’s Comments feature, as well as a dedicated Word document filled with characters, name and possible aliases, descriptions, age, identifying features, where they work, and any other biographical information that comes up during the writing process.

I might only have one “novel” published but I have been writing for seven years now and have two series under my belt. ¬†The first series was my “let’s learn how to do this” and the second, which is an offshoot of the first series, is the one that benefited from five years (that’s when I started the second series) of writing knowledge.

Back to details. ¬†In the first series I have a lot of characters, and those characters are brought in to the second series, so keeping the details is imperative if I want continuity. ¬†I was lucky in the fact that I grew impatient and started a Word document with biographical info about my characters six years ago. ¬†Some of that knowledge is never used, or maybe mentioned once, but it’s there in the event I do need it.

Oh, yeah, keep everything. ¬†Keep the “cut” pieces in another document, mostly because you may bring in a character that you’ve “cut” and have to reference certain things, such as eye color or hair color, or maybe where they work, etc. ¬†I keep all of my “cuts” because I never know when I’ll need that information, which just happens to be almost never, but who knows, one day I may need that minute detail, and…I already have it, saved in a document that I rarely look at. ¬†That’s something I’ve done before. ¬†Sometimes I’ve merged two or three characters into one, and the details are mixed and matched and made whole by the “cut” pieces I kept.

So, that’s about all I have on details, memory, and all that fun stuff that no one ever thinks about.

Pesky Characters

Ah, characters.  I have a whole lot of characters in my head, and not all are in the same world.  Some characters are loud, I mean chattering nonstop, and demanding to tell their tale, while others are meek and afraid to come out into the light.

It’s the hardest when I’m involved with one world and another creeps in. ¬†I start “channeling” the other character, the one from the other world, and realize ten, twenty, sometimes a hundred, pages later, and have to remove a novella length part of one novel in order to get back on track. ¬†That’s happened before, and boy, was I ticked. ¬†I had spent almost a week writing a hundred pages, and bam!, I realized that the characters were merging and going the wrong way. ¬†Now I try to catch it before that happens, but it still does, mostly because it’s a subtle shift in thinking.

I have a whole world set aside that I won’t touch because it’s more intricate than I have the patience for, though one day I hope to actually write their stories, but that will be well after I complete the current stories I have in my head, and only because the primary character is the loudest.

Next time on…well, you know…will be about where and why chose that place.