What I write…and more

I write polyamorous erotica, at least for my first series.  My second series has elements of poly but no erotica (poly paranormal romance).  There’s hardly any sex in it at all, actually.  Allusions to–yes, some bits and pieces–yes, but nothing hardcore, nothing like my first series.  One day I’ll release my first series, but I believe that my second series is better, and damned if it shouldn’t be.  It’s an accumulation of seven years of writing, and perfecting that ability–hehe, yeah right. Okay, perfecting is a strong word. More like applying all that I’ve learned, from writing and reading, to my latest series.

When I first started out, I had no idea what poly was.  I just knew that my lead protag was going to have a lot of men in her life, that’s about all I knew…except the plot and what it was generally about.

It all started one day when I was in Japan, working at an unfrequented frame shop (no one stopped by but maybe once or twice a day, if that–a lot of time on my hands). I had been reading a vampire series, of course, because I adore vampires, and that got me thinking of what I should try my hand at. I liked what others wrote, but I wanted something my own. Voila! I had an idea of what I wanted to write. Vampires, of course. Like that was a hard thing to come up with. Then I had a partially developed character. Then I had the plot, or at least I thought I did. It ended up that I never could finish that one damn book–still, to this day, I am unable to complete that one fricken book.  However, it spawned eleven novels, all without having to write that one, because I found that it was more of a background on how she (my lead protag) came to be.

I actually wrote what I thought would be book 3 but turned out so horrible that I just couldn’t go through with it. It would have been a punishment for anyone who read it because it was so poorly written, but I learned from that. I took elements of that book, certain themes, and put it into what is now book 2 of the series. I took characters and put them into book 2, and behold, I had a fully developed book, with a lot of sex in it.

I used sex as a way to grow closer to the character(s) involved in that scene, mostly because without connection sex is just porn.

Let me go back to the tossed away book for a (really long) moment.

A little insight: I had never been able to finish a full length novel. I’d been able to complete short stories because they were short, for fuck’s sake. A full length novel required a lot of focus, and to keep the details in my head proper. I had no idea how to go about doing such a thing, so I figured I would just be some short story writer and that’s it. Until I challenged myself. I wanted to finish that damn novel, the one I still can’t complete, but I wanted to do it, for myself mainly. I put aside the first novel and tried my hand on a new one–with the same lead characters from the first (never, ever going to be completed) novel.

I finished that blasted thing, even though it took almost a month to do it. When I was finished, I called my family at their various jobs and announced in spectacular fashion that I had finally done it. When asked if I would publish it, I said (with emphasis) hell no. I think I stunned them all by saying that, mostly because I had finished a novel, and therefore it should be published. Yeah…no. I then called my hubby and let him know of my silly little accomplishment. He was encouraging and understood that this was more for me and not for readers or the “glory” of being published.

So, moving on.

I have completed, since that “silly” little accomplishment, almost fourteen full-length (140,000-200,000 words/book) novels, not including the never-see-the-light-of-day crap novel. Of those fourteen, eleven are from series one. I still have two more books, including the never-ever-ever going to be finished book 1, for series one to complete.

Series two is giving me fits now that I’m on book 3, which just so happened to be where I stalled out in series one. I wrote book 3 for series one four times before I finally “destroyed” all of what I thought it was going to be about, and then I rewrote it the way it was supposed to be. I have each of those “destroyed” files saved on a backup hard drive, but I’ll never use them because they aren’t needed. **Hopefully not needed**

My hopes for the coming year: finishing book 3 of series two, and continue with the series (fingers crossed). Also, publish the first book in series two, probably a short novella, and book two in series two. After…I have no fricken idea.

2014/2015: I’ll probably start looking at publishing book 2 of series one, if I can stomach editing the crap out of it. Book 2 is alright, but this series was my learning series. It took three 146,000-210,000 word novels to figure enough out to make sentences read right, and to get editing down to a fairly easy science. If enough people are interested in how the characters in series two came to be, I will gladly publish series one. 

Until then…I’m just trying to get through book 3 and get ready for Christmas.


What genres I write in and then some…

First, I write fiction, and only fiction.  What can I say, I’m lazy.  I don’t want to do a million hours of research on a subject that may or may not interest me a day, month, or year from now.

Honestly, though, I’m not lazy when it comes to my writing.  I spend upwards of twelve hours writing on my computer, getting out what my characters want me to say, to tell their story.  And then I edit, and edit, and edit some more before putting it away for days or months, and then I edit that bad boy again.  I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, and I feel that it’s a disservice to my characters and readers, both, to have an ill edited story.  I’ve learned over seven years what it takes to be an author, and I have to say, I was surprised at just how much work goes into a novel before it’s ever published.  But I love it, or I wouldn’t continue writing and striving to be an author.

Now that I’ve mumbled about being an author, and what a damn perfectionist I am, let’s go forward, shall we?  Because I could go on and on about writing and what I do to make things just right.

The genres I write are Romance, Urban Fantasy, Alternative Lifestyle, and Erotica.  Those four genres are almost always mixed into my novels.  Take, for instance, my novella, the one I’m getting ready to put out in a month or so, when I figure out what the actual (non-working) title will be, and the cover.  That novella has elements of romance, urban fantasy (vampire), and alt life combined.  I love merging genres, mostly because no one book is just one genre, no matter how much anyone wants to say.  Even Harlequin romance has elements of mystery or action/adventure.  And yes, I’ve read the slim Harlequin romance books, which I like in small doses.

I write in the first person perspective, mostly because I really like getting into the head of one primary character.  I also really like reading from authors who write in FP, mostly because it allows me to “be” that person while I’m in the story, not to say I can’t “be” that person when I’m reading third person, but that’s more like I’m an observer, not an actual “character” in the book.

Okay, so that’s my genres and then some.  Hopefully I’ll have news about my next book, a medium length novella (about the same length as Unearthly Yarns), sometime in the near future (and by that I mean, probably a month or two).  The next installment of what makes Rickianne tick will be…drum roll please…characters in my head.