My covers and other news

You know what I love? My covers.

They may not be a zillion dollars, they may not be professionally made, but I still love them. Why? Because they are simple in design, and the color of the interior border allows for coordinating the series and offshoot stories in a seamless fashion.

If you go with the silvery border, that’s Annika’s series; if you go with the pinkish color, that’s Kat’s series; if you go with a purple-ish border, that’s Annika Pierce World Novels; and if you go with orange-ish border, that’s compilations, or standalone novels.

This may all change in a year, but for now, I really love my covers.

Book cover Combo 1.2

That being said, I am not a fan of my latest creation, or the attempt at my latest creation. I have started Annika’s 5th book a handful of times, and though I have learned something each time, it’s annoying and I can’t seem to figure a linear path towards completing her continuing story. Then there’s her zombie book, maybe another alternate universe story, my Realm series that I keep putting off in favor of writing other things, and a were-animal story that I’ve started (roughly 100 pages).

Maybe I’m overloading my mind with the things I have to do rather than enjoy the writing process and forget about everything else…until the story is complete. In that case, I probably should examine my head. 😉

One day, I’ll release Annika’s 5th book, and I’ll update when other books come together and are getting ready for release. 🙂


Changed all of my covers

Why? Because the others were blah, that’s why. Now they are uniform and done by series.

Book cover Combo 1.0

All books, except Annika’s 5th, are available on Kindle (to buy or on KU).

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Annika: $2.99/ea.





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Short Story Comp: $1.99/ea

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