Changed all of my covers

Why? Because the others were blah, that’s why. Now they are uniform and done by series.

Book cover Combo 1.0

All books, except Annika’s 5th, are available on Kindle (to buy or on KU).

Buy Links:

Annika: $2.99/ea.

1– https://www.amazon.com/Betrayed-Annika-Pierce-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00WE4RPV2

2– https://www.amazon.com/Acceptance-Annika-Pierce-Book-2-ebook/dp/B017JBNT1Y

3– https://www.amazon.com/Embraced-Darkness-Past-Annika-Pierce-ebook/dp/B01KR4LWKK

4– https://www.amazon.com/Embraced-Darkness-Past-Annika-Pierce-ebook/dp/B072HNRMYY

Annika World Novels: $1.99/ea

1– https://www.amazon.com/Ciera-mercenary-vampire-tale-Annika-ebook/dp/B013AXJQUI

2– https://www.amazon.com/Annika-Pierce-World-Novel-Novels-ebook/dp/B06Y6921G3

Kat LaMond:

1– https://www.amazon.com/Deceptive-Kat-LaMond-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00XTHGN2U

2– https://www.amazon.com/Conflicted-Kat-LaMond-Book-2-ebook/dp/B01BIYLZJQ

Short Story Comp: $1.99/ea

Unearthly Yarns– https://www.amazon.com/Unearthly-Yarns-Paranormal-Compilation-Ricki-ebook/dp/B00E11J50A


Embraced, Part 2; Anya; cover release; expected release date

Hello! Edits are done. Whew!  Okay, at least the first round, but I do have general release months going for me. Covers have been released (below), and I am starting on the back cover (blurb). I am looking at an expected release sometime in April for Anya, and May for Embraced, Part 2. I will be trying out pre-ordering, so if you want to buy before it’s released, it’ll be on Amazon.com via the Kindle format.

That’s the last of my updates for now. 🙂

embraced part 2 cover 1.1.3

Anya cover1.2.6

Cover Copyright© Ricki Baker

2 books…other side of the pond

I didn’t forget the UK, of course, so on 14 Mar, I will have a sale for UK readers. .99 cents each for Deceptive and Betrayed, Kat and Annika’s first books. The sale will end on 19 Mar.

Buy links (UK):

Betrayed (Annika Pierce Book 1): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Betrayed-Annika-Pierce-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00WE4RPV2

Deceptive (Kat LaMond Book 1): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Deceptive-Kat-LaMond-Book-1-Ricki-Baker-ebook/dp/B00XTHGN2U

In the US, those two books are still on sale for $1.99 each on Kindle, until 11 Mar.

Buy links (US):

Deceptive: http://www.amazon.com/Deceptive-Kat-LaMond-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00XTHGN2U

Betrayed: http://www.amazon.com/Betrayed-Annika-Pierce-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00WE4RPV2


Humbled, Kat 2, ramblings

Wow. I tell you, I am humbled, excited, and utterly surprised that I have readers. I may not be in the mid-list level yet, but I don’t really care. I am so darn excited to know that I have readers, period.

For just over two years I’ve been publishing (July 2013) and have feared that my awesome (in my head) books were never going to see the eyes of people I didn’t know. To my surprise, just recently, my books have garnered some attention. I have been surprised to see the Kindle Unlimited pages read, and noticed that not only are readers reading Betrayed, but are actually reading the second book in Annika’s series, Acceptance. They’re also reading Kat’s first book, Deceptive. That is so fricken cool!

I seriously cannot adequately express the feelings that run through me whenever I see people have read my books: part excitement, part surprise, and part humility. (Truth be told: the last emotion is odd, foreign even, to me.)

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d have any readers since I have so few reviews (Goodreads and Amazon). I was under the assumption that in order to have any sort of presence on Amazon.com would mean I would need a zillion (or, at the very least, 10) reviews. So far, I’ve had fair interest, and that is a humbling experience for me.


Note: I am still on track to publish Kat 2, somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 Feb 2016, as offered previously on my FB page.

I have to say, I hate editing Kat, not because it’s difficult but because of the content. I’ve sort of gone away from explicit sex scenes in my books, but Kat is laden with them, and truth be told, it’s fricken embarrassing. However, I will persevere, and get the second book out this month.

Okay, it has to be said: I am horrible at keeping deadlines. I tend to publish before, or on the rare case, well after the suggested publication date. I will post on FB when it is released. So, keep an eye out if interested in Kat’s second book!

Annika’s third book is slow going, and by that I mean it’s like pulling teeth, having no-anesthesia surgery, and a migraine all rolled into one giant clusterf*ck. Some day I will get the stinkin’ book done, and when I do, I’ll be sure to let all of you know.

Why do I describe it that way, you may ask? Well, that would be because there’s so much information that’s necessary to explain what happened, before and after, that I’m not sure there are enough pages to write it out properly. I also don’t want to give too much information away too soon or too late. It’s a fine balancing edge that I’m dancing, and this song and dance has gone on long enough for me.

Truth: I’m beginning to hate Annika 3. Love the characters, love the story, hate the inability to write the damn thing.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.

Keep an eye out for Kat 2, soon to be published.

Keep an eye out for Annika 3, sometime this decade. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again to those who have read my books, and if interested, there are two other books for readers: Unearthly Yarns (paranormal compilation), and Ciera (a mercenary/vampire tale).

All my currently released books are on Kindle to purchase and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Once again, thanks so much for the interest and keeping this ego-laden author humble! 😉

I finished Acceptance!! When is the next book going to be out?

Oh, boy. Well, that’s a bit difficult to answer.

Here’s what I do have:

A general outline in my head. This next book is going to deal with dark stuff, and is different from the previous two novels.

A title. The title gives a lead into the darkness she’s going to confront and encounter.

The cover. It’s a gorgeous cover and all done.

Here’s what I don’t have:

The story. I’ve written this story ten times, deleted it just as many times. Why, you may ask? It’s extremely dark and touches on real darkness in this world. I’m undecided on which way to go, as I can go two ways. But it really doesn’t matter. Both lead to the same outcome. Darkness. I’ve written the dark before, and it has always left a mark on me, on my mind, and my soul. Yes, I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. In research alone, it’s troubling, but to see it, feel it, and hear it, in my head, somehow seems even worse. I should explain. Research, to me, is removed. It’s there to further something I don’t know anything about. The writing is where it takes on life, and indelibly alters me, as I am the characters that are suffering through whatever situation I’ve put them in.

When do I anticipate the next novel release?

If everything aligns (the stars, moon, Earth, Mars…) perfectly, I should be looking at a May, 2016 release. It may be earlier or later. I’ll keep you all informed.

When is Kat’s next book going to be out?

This one is not going to be easy to answer. I’ve thought about it, and thought about it. I will edit it, I will make up a cover for it, but I’m not even sure I’ll release it.

Deceptive is not doing well. Maybe it’s the title, maybe it’s the cover, or maybe it’s the book. I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s not doing so well, and I may pull it completely.

That means the outlook for Kat’s novels may be on hold until I can figure a way to promote her story properly. For now, Deceptive will stay on Kindle while I look at a way to overhaul it, once again, and do up a better cover and blurb for the book.


Hello! I wanted to give you an update on what to expect from now until end of year 2015.

First, I plan on releasing Annika and Kat’s second books. Tentative plan is October and November, respectively.

Now, if I can hold to that, this would be a great plan. 🙂

Second, I’m going to try and keep my FB page updated.

Again, if I can hold to this, that would be fricken wonderful.

Third, I plan on finishing the third book in Annika’s world.

That is a big one because this freakin’ third book hates me. I’ve started it over and over and over…etc…again, and it still doesn’t like me. Don’t get me wrong, the story line is great, each and every time I write over a hundred pages, it’s wonderful. Then I have to toss it because the voice doesn’t fit Annika or the plot took a turn that doesn’t fit her world, etc.

Fourth, regroup and refocus on writing.

With the third book fighting me so much, I’ve just about given up on Annika’s world. I’m actually tired of writing about her. She’s great. Love her to pieces, but the fighting is worse than just writing crap, or having writer’s block, or whatever.

I think I’ve put her in a box, and neither of us like boxes, so that means we battle. I don’t think some things should be in there, as this third book deals with a lot of sensitive subjects, and could potentially turn off readers or get me cut from Amazon. However, the story needs to be told properly, and in order to do that, I have to write freely. And…what for it…I can’t. Well, I can, and I have, but those are trashed pages.

Fifth, open the box I put Annika in.

Now that I’ve given a small glimmer of what my plans are, and stepped off my soapbox…

Thanks for reading.