My covers and other news

You know what I love? My covers.

They may not be a zillion dollars, they may not be professionally made, but I still love them. Why? Because they are simple in design, and the color of the interior border allows for coordinating the series and offshoot stories in a seamless fashion.

If you go with the silvery border, that’s Annika’s series; if you go with the pinkish color, that’s Kat’s series; if you go with a purple-ish border, that’s Annika Pierce World Novels; and if you go with orange-ish border, that’s compilations, or standalone novels.

This may all change in a year, but for now, I really love my covers.

Book cover Combo 1.2

That being said, I am not a fan of my latest creation, or the attempt at my latest creation. I have started Annika’s 5th book a handful of times, and though I have learned something each time, it’s annoying and I can’t seem to figure a linear path towards completing her continuing story. Then there’s her zombie book, maybe another alternate universe story, my Realm series that I keep putting off in favor of writing other things, and a were-animal story that I’ve started (roughly 100 pages).

Maybe I’m overloading my mind with the things I have to do rather than enjoy the writing process and forget about everything else…until the story is complete. In that case, I probably should examine my head. 😉

One day, I’ll release Annika’s 5th book, and I’ll update when other books come together and are getting ready for release. 🙂


Tentative releases

So, over the last year, I have released 5 novels. Woot. Okay, I can’t get all that excited about it considering the fact that Annika 3 is still a work in progress. I’ve thought about writing a few short stories and publish those in another compilation format, which will work, but again, I have to write those.

One thing I did notice since I’ve started publishing my full length novels, and that’s the new schedule. The last three novels I published were about 3 months apart. I like that schedule, as it allows me to release four books a year. However, if Annika 3 won’t work out, the time between publishing will lengthen to just two books a year. Why? Because I only have Kat finished, up to the tenth book.


My tentative–probably never going to hold to it–schedule this year will be:

Kat 4-this will happen this year (TBA)

Short story compilation

Annika 3


Annika 4-possible


I’ll keep you updated on the actual release dates, how long until Annika 3, and all other writing things. 🙂

A silly revelation

So, I was thinking of my next move for Annika 3, and my mind was wandering. Of course it was wandering. In those wanderings, I realized that I had six novels published. I know, right? Well, this just hit me, and it was an exciting little nugget of a revelation. Six novels! Yes, I’m aware that this may be nothing more than a drop of water in a big bucket for some authors, but to me, it’s a big deal. I never thought this would happen. Ever. I figured my novels would stay in the dark drawer of disk drives forever. Well, it’s a reality, and that’s a shocker. 😉

Anyway, I forgot to announce this, because I was dealing with other things. Among my release for Conflicted (Kat LaMond Book 2), I reduced the price for Acceptance (Annika Pierce Book 2) by $2, down to $2.99 on Kindle, or still free on Kindle Unlimited.

In reflection, I’m going to list all of my books once more, with links and pricing. All books are free on Kindle Unlimited.

Kat LaMond series:

Deceptive (Kat LaMond Book 1):$2.99

Conflicted (Kat LaMond Book 2): $2.99


Annika Pierce series:

Betrayed (Annika Pierce Book 1): $2.99

Acceptance (Annika Pierce Book 2): $2.99


Standalone novels:

Ciera (a mercenary/vampire tale): $1.99

Unearthly Yarns (a paranormal compilation): $0.99

Humbled, Kat 2, ramblings

Wow. I tell you, I am humbled, excited, and utterly surprised that I have readers. I may not be in the mid-list level yet, but I don’t really care. I am so darn excited to know that I have readers, period.

For just over two years I’ve been publishing (July 2013) and have feared that my awesome (in my head) books were never going to see the eyes of people I didn’t know. To my surprise, just recently, my books have garnered some attention. I have been surprised to see the Kindle Unlimited pages read, and noticed that not only are readers reading Betrayed, but are actually reading the second book in Annika’s series, Acceptance. They’re also reading Kat’s first book, Deceptive. That is so fricken cool!

I seriously cannot adequately express the feelings that run through me whenever I see people have read my books: part excitement, part surprise, and part humility. (Truth be told: the last emotion is odd, foreign even, to me.)

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d have any readers since I have so few reviews (Goodreads and Amazon). I was under the assumption that in order to have any sort of presence on would mean I would need a zillion (or, at the very least, 10) reviews. So far, I’ve had fair interest, and that is a humbling experience for me.


Note: I am still on track to publish Kat 2, somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 Feb 2016, as offered previously on my FB page.

I have to say, I hate editing Kat, not because it’s difficult but because of the content. I’ve sort of gone away from explicit sex scenes in my books, but Kat is laden with them, and truth be told, it’s fricken embarrassing. However, I will persevere, and get the second book out this month.

Okay, it has to be said: I am horrible at keeping deadlines. I tend to publish before, or on the rare case, well after the suggested publication date. I will post on FB when it is released. So, keep an eye out if interested in Kat’s second book!

Annika’s third book is slow going, and by that I mean it’s like pulling teeth, having no-anesthesia surgery, and a migraine all rolled into one giant clusterf*ck. Some day I will get the stinkin’ book done, and when I do, I’ll be sure to let all of you know.

Why do I describe it that way, you may ask? Well, that would be because there’s so much information that’s necessary to explain what happened, before and after, that I’m not sure there are enough pages to write it out properly. I also don’t want to give too much information away too soon or too late. It’s a fine balancing edge that I’m dancing, and this song and dance has gone on long enough for me.

Truth: I’m beginning to hate Annika 3. Love the characters, love the story, hate the inability to write the damn thing.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.

Keep an eye out for Kat 2, soon to be published.

Keep an eye out for Annika 3, sometime this decade. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again to those who have read my books, and if interested, there are two other books for readers: Unearthly Yarns (paranormal compilation), and Ciera (a mercenary/vampire tale).

All my currently released books are on Kindle to purchase and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Once again, thanks so much for the interest and keeping this ego-laden author humble! 😉

Christmas 2015


Today is Christmas, and though it is a happy time, it is also a sad time for my family. I planned on an uplifting post, and I suppose this is, to an extent. Probably not.

On 19 Dec 2015, we lost our 13 year old pup, Barkley. He was a great companion with a lot of pain, yet he never complained except at the end, which was his due.

Let me start with a little of his history. When I saw him, I hadn’t known his past, only that he needed a home and he was a beautiful Lab/Akita mix. He came with a pal, but that pal, Rocco, needed a single family home that we couldn’t give him, as we already had another dog, Strat. One day, I’ll tell you all about him, too. For now, here is Barkley’s story.

He had a home, a good home, until his “parent” was sent on business and was left in the care of his roommate. The roommate had stuffed the two dogs into a garage all day and night, rarely allowing them outside to piddle or poop, let alone run around, and would toss food at them. It wasn’t to watch them fight, it was carelessness on the person’s part, but they had water (not that that made it alright). The “parent” came home to find his two pups in horrible conditions and set on trying to right the wrongs that had been committed, but the landlord had demanded the dogs find new homes. That’s how Barkley and Rocco came to live with me and my small family (hubby and Strat).

The first time we fed Barkley, he nearly bit Rocco’s neck off, just because he thought he would have to fight for food. He was a big dog, as was Rocco (Rottweiler), and needed a lot of food. First order of business was to show him that he could have all the food he wanted. We fed them until they puked, cleaned it up, and fed them again, until they realized they would always have food. Barkley was smarter than stunted-Rocco, and caught on quickly.  Strat and Barks became best buds. I found a good home for Rocco with a divorcee who wanted a pup that needed attention. From some contact still, Rocco is doing pretty well.

Barkley traveled with us from Japan to Germany to New Mexico. He’s seen the Eiffel Tower, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Berlin, and many other places in Europe. He’s traveled with us throughout Japan, as well. He even got to travel to San Antonio, TX when we had business there.

Barkley’s last days were filled with pain, and we had to make the horrible decision to put him to sleep. My husband and I spoke of this possibility, and relied on the advice of the veterinarian. Barkley was in so much pain and his quality of life would have suffered even if we had gone ahead and slammed him full of antibiotics and whatever else they could throw his way. Our decision, as difficult as it was, was for the best. Not for us–we wanted to be selfish and keep him with us forever–but for him; he needed peace and to be free of pain.

He had blindness and the inability to walk in his last days; his dignity and peace in life had come to an end. He had been a strong, dignified pup, and this was no way for him to live. We chose the most humane choice given to us, and he is now romping through fields of snow and vibrant green meadows with Strat. He lived a long, full life with us, and I believe (hope) a happy life.

As his last act, so to speak, he gave all of his knowledge to the next in line, Loki, and shared that same knowledge with Sammy.

Barkley was an awesome pup, one that will live on in the memories of our other dogs, in us, and all those lives he touched at one point or another.

Barkley will be missed but to know he is happy and free of pain, that makes his passing easier. And no matter if you believe in Heaven or not, I know he’s up there with his best pal, Strat.

One day, I may even explain why I have such certainty, but that is not now, maybe there will never be a time for such explanations.

This Christmas is dedicated to the best companion anyone could ever have: my baby-Barkley.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Author Page

I hadn’t realized, and this is my bust, that I had to set up author pages for all appropriate, and available, author pages on Amazon. I have no idea why I hadn’t thought to set up the pages in the beginning, and the only excuse I can come up with is that I didn’t know, and I was so focused on US sales that I completely forgot about other countries that may be interested in my books. Face-palm.

I now have an author page set up, which features my books, and a bit about myself. I’ll work on making it more unique than it is, but for now, it’s just standard, and hopefully it will allow an insight into who I am. Maybe.

On a different note, but on the same page, I realized that Betrayed had a review!!! It was back in May but that just means I was remiss in not saying thank you to KL for taking the time out of her busy day to write a couple sentences. It is truly appreciated.

That little bit has a huge impact, and is probably why I do better in the UK than in the US right now. So, if you’ve ever thought a short one or two sentence review has little impact, I can tell you it has a huge impact on whether or not the book will get any amount of notice by other readers. Obviously, more reviews means more notice, but I’m just grateful I have one review! 🙂


Kindle Unlimited

I’m sure, if you follow independently published authors, you’ve probably heard this before.

I won’t go into great detail on how I’m not convinced this is the best way to hand down royalties to authors. It would work if everyone was online all the time, but not everyone is, so pages get missed, etc…

Off my soapbox…

I’m thinking of pulling all of my novels from Kindle Unlimited. Yes, I make some money, and that’s great, but if the pages read are not accurately calculated then it does little good for the author.

What are your thoughts on KU? Do you prefer picking up an unknown author via KU, or do you like to download the sample and judge the book that way? Would you be less inclined to purchase a book if it is not also available on KU?

Thanks for your help.

What I write…and more

I write polyamorous erotica, at least for my first series.  My second series has elements of poly but no erotica (poly paranormal romance).  There’s hardly any sex in it at all, actually.  Allusions to–yes, some bits and pieces–yes, but nothing hardcore, nothing like my first series.  One day I’ll release my first series, but I believe that my second series is better, and damned if it shouldn’t be.  It’s an accumulation of seven years of writing, and perfecting that ability–hehe, yeah right. Okay, perfecting is a strong word. More like applying all that I’ve learned, from writing and reading, to my latest series.

When I first started out, I had no idea what poly was.  I just knew that my lead protag was going to have a lot of men in her life, that’s about all I knew…except the plot and what it was generally about.

It all started one day when I was in Japan, working at an unfrequented frame shop (no one stopped by but maybe once or twice a day, if that–a lot of time on my hands). I had been reading a vampire series, of course, because I adore vampires, and that got me thinking of what I should try my hand at. I liked what others wrote, but I wanted something my own. Voila! I had an idea of what I wanted to write. Vampires, of course. Like that was a hard thing to come up with. Then I had a partially developed character. Then I had the plot, or at least I thought I did. It ended up that I never could finish that one damn book–still, to this day, I am unable to complete that one fricken book.  However, it spawned eleven novels, all without having to write that one, because I found that it was more of a background on how she (my lead protag) came to be.

I actually wrote what I thought would be book 3 but turned out so horrible that I just couldn’t go through with it. It would have been a punishment for anyone who read it because it was so poorly written, but I learned from that. I took elements of that book, certain themes, and put it into what is now book 2 of the series. I took characters and put them into book 2, and behold, I had a fully developed book, with a lot of sex in it.

I used sex as a way to grow closer to the character(s) involved in that scene, mostly because without connection sex is just porn.

Let me go back to the tossed away book for a (really long) moment.

A little insight: I had never been able to finish a full length novel. I’d been able to complete short stories because they were short, for fuck’s sake. A full length novel required a lot of focus, and to keep the details in my head proper. I had no idea how to go about doing such a thing, so I figured I would just be some short story writer and that’s it. Until I challenged myself. I wanted to finish that damn novel, the one I still can’t complete, but I wanted to do it, for myself mainly. I put aside the first novel and tried my hand on a new one–with the same lead characters from the first (never, ever going to be completed) novel.

I finished that blasted thing, even though it took almost a month to do it. When I was finished, I called my family at their various jobs and announced in spectacular fashion that I had finally done it. When asked if I would publish it, I said (with emphasis) hell no. I think I stunned them all by saying that, mostly because I had finished a novel, and therefore it should be published. Yeah…no. I then called my hubby and let him know of my silly little accomplishment. He was encouraging and understood that this was more for me and not for readers or the “glory” of being published.

So, moving on.

I have completed, since that “silly” little accomplishment, almost fourteen full-length (140,000-200,000 words/book) novels, not including the never-see-the-light-of-day crap novel. Of those fourteen, eleven are from series one. I still have two more books, including the never-ever-ever going to be finished book 1, for series one to complete.

Series two is giving me fits now that I’m on book 3, which just so happened to be where I stalled out in series one. I wrote book 3 for series one four times before I finally “destroyed” all of what I thought it was going to be about, and then I rewrote it the way it was supposed to be. I have each of those “destroyed” files saved on a backup hard drive, but I’ll never use them because they aren’t needed. **Hopefully not needed**

My hopes for the coming year: finishing book 3 of series two, and continue with the series (fingers crossed). Also, publish the first book in series two, probably a short novella, and book two in series two. After…I have no fricken idea.

2014/2015: I’ll probably start looking at publishing book 2 of series one, if I can stomach editing the crap out of it. Book 2 is alright, but this series was my learning series. It took three 146,000-210,000 word novels to figure enough out to make sentences read right, and to get editing down to a fairly easy science. If enough people are interested in how the characters in series two came to be, I will gladly publish series one. 

Until then…I’m just trying to get through book 3 and get ready for Christmas.

A side of het?

Some may know that my most favorite author of all time is Dean Koontz. As far as I’m concerned, he writes stellar novels.  Some aren’t nearly as great as others, but they are still mighty enjoyable. If I had the ability to pre-order his novels, I would be right there with a whole lot of other people. 🙂

My next favorite author is Janet Evanovich, author of the Stephanie Plum series. Her books are romance-mystery with a whole lot of humor.  I completely enjoy her novels, and have read her re-released strictly romance novels, and laughed with those as well.

Another of the authors I enjoy is Laurell K Hamilton, Anita Blake series and Meredith Gentry series. Even though a lot of her novels could be considered mixed lifestyle since both of her main protagonists have multiple male lovers. I definitely enjoy reading about the polyamorous lifestyle.

I think that’s why I started writing about polyamory, not strictly due to her books, but a huge contributor to the changes in my thought processes.

I suppose my next post will be a sanitized explanation of what I write…considering I have not yet published my series novels at this time, I’d rather not go into extreme detail. So, if you are interested, next time will be a little of why I write what I write…