Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 1 released

Annika’s third book-Embraced, Darkness of the Past, Part 1-is now live on Kindle for $2.99, or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Embraced--darkness of the past cover part 1

Here is the back cover:

In 1910, I, Annika Kinsey Pierce, was born; it is now 2015. I’m one hundred and five years old. For the last three years I didn’t have my memories and all those in my small Ridge Bay home knew it. I now know who I am.

I am a field operative in my sire’s agency and have been for the last eighty years. I am keeper of vampires, queen to all vampires, even though my cousin, Kat, is the face of royalty where it concerns my people. I am a hybrid, I am lover to many, many men, and I have three that I hold inside my soul. I did all this for a young boy, one that would have been targeted by Tribunal if they ever caught wind of who he was, and don’t regret my decision for an instant.

With my memories returned, I have a lot of people that need to be back under my roof, and hopefully back in my bed, if they can forgive me for my abrupt decision to save a small boy from death, or worse. Not all will understand, because in a lot of cases, I was an operative first and a lover second, but I can only hope they will forgive me.

Not all of this is about my lovers but my status as an agent. I may be semi-retired but I have missions to complete, least of which is destroying an evil vampire and removing her stranglehold on Hunters. She’s not my only mission, of course, because missions crop up often in my world. Good thing I’m surrounded by the best agents in the world because I’m going to need their help if I want to complete my missions.

Approximately 120,000 words.



A silly revelation

So, I was thinking of my next move for Annika 3, and my mind was wandering. Of course it was wandering. In those wanderings, I realized that I had six novels published. I know, right? Well, this just hit me, and it was an exciting little nugget of a revelation. Six novels! Yes, I’m aware that this may be nothing more than a drop of water in a big bucket for some authors, but to me, it’s a big deal. I never thought this would happen. Ever. I figured my novels would stay in the dark drawer of disk drives forever. Well, it’s a reality, and that’s a shocker. 😉

Anyway, I forgot to announce this, because I was dealing with other things. Among my release for Conflicted (Kat LaMond Book 2), I reduced the price for Acceptance (Annika Pierce Book 2) by $2, down to $2.99 on Kindle, or still free on Kindle Unlimited.

In reflection, I’m going to list all of my books once more, with links and pricing. All books are free on Kindle Unlimited.

Kat LaMond series:

Deceptive (Kat LaMond Book 1):$2.99


Conflicted (Kat LaMond Book 2): $2.99



Annika Pierce series:

Betrayed (Annika Pierce Book 1): $2.99


Acceptance (Annika Pierce Book 2): $2.99



Standalone novels:

Ciera (a mercenary/vampire tale): $1.99


Unearthly Yarns (a paranormal compilation): $0.99


Acceptance is Live


Annika’s second book, Acceptance, has gone live on Kindle. *jumping up and down*


Here is the back cover:

Several months after the Paris incident, Annika is confronted with a decision. Does she allow those that betrayed her back into her life? Or does she keep them away?

The decision is taken from her by her love for Boston, and his desire to have Wynter back in his life. It’s the best decision she ever made.

But things are changing now that she’s accepted them back into her life, and with those changes, her world turns upside down and spins out of control. With those changes brings new people into her life, and the lives of those she holds dear. Will those changes be worth it? In the end, they should be, but only time will tell.

Can she accept the changes? Can she accept a world that has been turned upside down and flipped sideways? Or will it be far too much for her to handle?

Approximately 205,000 words.

Right now, it is $2.99. On December 4, 2015, this epic length tome will go up to $4.99.

Buy Link:



Hello! Well, it’s been for-freakin’-ever since I posted on here. Been busy with other crap, apparently.

Here’s the latest:

Published Ciera (A mercenary/vampire tale) on Kindle like a month ago.


Back cover:

Ciera Devlin is a damn good mercenary, but she took an abnormal job. Her objective is to seduce Cristóbal Carter, billionaire playboy, who takes home wait-staff for one night of debauchery—one night only.
For years, she has been in a form of love with him, and took the job because she couldn’t stand the thought of someone else getting anywhere near him. Three weeks of waitressing at Candy’s Eat-in Diner, she finally gets the opportunity to seduce the target.
Seducing a man like Cristóbal Carter is far easier than it should be, and is the number one reason she doesn’t “seduce” him at all. Not only does it work wonderfully, but going home with him ends up with surprises of its own.
Not even a few hours after finding out that myth, in the form of vampires, is real, she is thrust into a situation she’s little prepared for. Along the way, she finds her best friend is not dead after all, realizes that life is far more interesting than she had ever given it credit, and takes on one last mission with her not-so-dead best friend.
Will her final mission end in disaster? Will she ever find that happy ever after? Or will this all be for naught?


This baby is going for $1.99 on Kindle, or Free on KU, roughly 150 pages.


L8r, peeps!

New book

Hello! I recently released my second full length novel, Deceptive Changes. 

Back cover


Kat LaMond has had a time of it, ever since removing the king of all vampires, Antreas, a few months ago.  Not only is she back with her ex-husband, Todd Jenkins, but she has Trace, a private investigator, and Erick, a man she raised, living with her.

Days after giving Todd the deceased king’s power, she’s taken hostage by a couple of vampires, and ransomed for Todd’s position as king for all US vampires.  Of course, making it out alive comes at a cost, and with that, comes responsibilities.  She becomes enforcer to Todd’s king, and though she’s reluctant, she agrees that it’s for the best.

Kat becomes the target for every vampire that’s out to prove something, or remove Todd from power.  Little do they know, every time she’s captured or attacked, she ends up driving deeper into the world of vampires and protecting those she loves, even though the cost is steep.

The changes that occur are not always what they appear to be.  Can Kat keep her people safe?  Will the changes be too much for her to handle?


At this time, it’s only on Amazon Kindle, with a possible future dead tree version later on.

Here is the link to purchase Deceptive Changes:


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